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XP Series Updates & Downloads


Product  Configuration Current ROM Released
 XP20-N MLYC00  20140512_XP20_MLYC00  October, 2014
 XP20-W MLYC00  20140512_XP20_MLYC00  October, 2014
 XP20-W MLYC02  20140512_XP20_MLYC02  October, 2014
 XP30-N CLYC00  20140512_XP30_CLYC00  October, 2014
 XP30-N CLBC00  20140512_XP30_CLBC00  October, 2014
 XP30-W CLYC00  20140512_XP30_CLYC00
 October, 2014
 XP30-W CLBC00  20140512_XP30_CLBC00  October, 2014
 XP30-W CLYC02  20140512_XP30_CLYC02  October, 2014
 XP30-W CLBC02  20140512_XP30_CLBC02  October, 2014
The current XP Series ROM Builder for all part numbers ending in -MLYC00/-MLYC02 
or -CLBC00/-CLBC02 is 20100304.

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Janam Palm Desktop Software for Windows
This software lets you sync your XP Series device with your PC.
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Sample Magnetic Stripe Reader Application 
Janam MSR Developers Kit for XP Series ZIP280.52 KB Download

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