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XM Series Updates & Downloads


Product  Configuration Current ROM Released
 XM66  All Configurations   1_20_00_7320  December, 2017
 XM60+  Ending in BR00 or BV00   2_12_00_4253  October, 2014

• The current XM65 ROM is 203.

• Please contact support for assistance/information on XM60 ROMs.

• Current SDK Development Kits for the XM Series:
         • XM Series SDK Configurator
         • XM Series Scanner SDK for C++ (v3.1)
         • XM Series Scanner SDK for DotNet (v2.5)
         • XM Series Programmers Guide (v3.0)

Please visit Product Zone to download these items.


Janam MSR/RFID InfoWedge Program
The InfoWedge utility for the Janam XM Series enables data input into most applications through the MSR and/or RFID attachment.

Janam InfoWedge ZIP28.11 KB Download
About InfoWedge PDF14.50 KB Download

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