JanamConnect - Global Cellular Connectivity for Rugged Devices
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Discover the Power of Unrestricted Global Coverage with JanamConnect

What is JanamConnect?
JanamConnect is a multi-carrier, intelligent SIM card solution that empowers Janam’s cellular-capable rugged mobile computers with seamless access to the world’s most robust cellular networks, regardless of location.

Why Choose JanamConnect?
JanamConnect simplifies connectivity for enterprise customers in retail, healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, government, public safety, sports and live entertainment. Intelligent carrier switching enables Janam’s cellular capable rugged mobile computers to automatically connect to the strongest available carrier signal from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and more than 600 other leading network providers around the world. If a connection fails, auto-failover ensures the Janam device swiftly switches to the next-available carrier to deliver the highest levels of network reliability.   


Ultimate Flexibility.
Managing telecom and wireless expenses and deploying Janam devices across different regions doesn’t have to be complex or costly. JanamConnect enables businesses to easily and affordably connect, manage and integrate their Janam cellular-ready mobile computers on a single platform.

Janam offers 500MB, 1GB and 2GB monthly data plans. For added flexibility and cost savings, pooled data allows unused data from one device to be redistributed to other devices on the same JanamConnect plan, effectively preventing devices from exceeding their data limits and reducing overage charges.

For additional information, please review the JanamConnect Datasheet.

Getting Started
Contact us at inquiries@janam.com to receive more information about product pricing, application porting and to learn more about Janam's demo unit program.  

Key Benefits

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Best-in-Class Coverage
  • Streamlined Ordering and Processing
  • Superior Security
  • Robust Reporting
  • Simplified Billing