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XG4 Series Updates & Downloads


The current ROM for all configurations of XG4 Android devices is 42.11, released April 2024. 

XG4 Android 11 OS Image Version Release History
 XG4 ROM 42.54 Version 42.54 for XG4 only 
Released May 2024
 XG4 ROM 42.51 Version 42.51 for XG4 only                         
Released August 2023
XG4 Android 9 OS Image Version Release History
 XG4 ROM 42.11 Version 42.11 for XG4 only 
Released April 2024
 XG4 ROM 42.10 Version 42.10 for XG4 only 
Released November 2023
 XG4 ROM 42.09 Version 42.09 for XG4 only 
Released July 2023
 XG4 ROM 42.08 Version 42.08 for XG4 only 
Released January 2023
 XG4 ROM 42.07 Version 42.07 for XG4 only                         
Released July 2022
 XG4 ROM 42.06 Version 42.06 for XG4 only
 XG4 ROM 42.05 Version 42.05 for XG4 only

Please visit Product Zone to download these items.

Please Note: The XG4 is a Certified AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) device. OS Image updates are released with the latest Android Security Updates from Google (up to 90 days from release). Up-to-date Android Security Patches updates will be included with each OS release until Feb 2025.

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