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What Customers and Partners are Saying

"The overall quality is absolutely on-par with the 'Big Three' - soon to become the 'Big Two."
"I called Tech Support to have them speed me through a couple of setup things - they answered straight away and answered EVERY question I had quickly."
"The scanner setup was also easy and there is an advanced aiming feature that might make a new user on the device feel good in terms of adapting."
"Overall - from working with sales all the way through the device - I'm impressed."
"Your products are revolutionary, your prices are exceptional and your support is second to none."
"I love Janam because you have nice products and I like working with you better than Motorola for mobile computers... You have a wonderful product and your staff is the most helpful I've ever come across."
"BTW, this has gone very well.  Route drivers, who can make 30-40 stops on a day, have found the system to be intuitive and reliable."
"Future sales of my [software product] will utilize the XM60 device - it's an order of magnitude faster than the Unitech PA600."
"Last week we implemented a Janam solution with our client.  It was a great experience.  The equipment is excellent.  [Software] migration was almost on the fly."
"We experienced your devices as robust, practical and reliable."
"We loved the unit.  It works well with our software.  It has a great scan engine and seems much faster than the MC50."
"The Janams are much more affordable and reliable."
"In the meantime you might be interested in some benchmark we made with your equipment.  While being the least expensive, the Janam performed much faster or equal to more expensive equipment."
"By the way, I also tested the Janam units along side a Symbol MC70.  The Janam units were noticeably faster displaying the various screens of our software.  I felt that the Janam units were generally more responsive to user input and the Janam completed a data sync faster than the Symbol.  Kudos to Janam."
"The scanner is really impressive.  Both 1D and 2D performance is excellent."
"You might be interested in knowing that we performed head-to-head tests with the Janam scanners and two Symbol units, the MC70 and MC75.  In identical data processing tasks, the MC70 & MC75 units took 2 minutes 25 seconds (2:25) to perform a routine task while the XM65 took only 0:16 seconds.  The XM60 was even faster because of the reduced overhead in the Windows CE device.  So, congratulations.  I think that this is quite a feather in Janam's cap."
"The XM60 is, without a doubt, the most responsive of all WindowsCE devices we have seen -ever!  Janam has done an outstanding job with the design and features at a very affordable price."
  "The XM60 continues Janam’s development of solid, reliable devices that are well-suited to the rigors of daily use by technical and service staff in the field.  By supporting a variety of operating systems, they allow the developer and customer to select the OS that matches the requirements of the particular application need, rather than requiring the application to conform to a vendor-mandated decision.  By keeping the same physical form factor, they lower the overall cost of ownership by making the same accessories usable across a variety of devices.  This is a hardware platform that we (are) comfortable recommending to any of our customers as the best possible investment."
"The XP Series’ state-of-the-art Freescale™ processor enables one customer’s route drivers to execute a data synchronization of the entire day’s mobile transactions in 20 seconds, while older Palm OS®-based industrial mobile computers take 15 minutes or more to perform the same task.  For this customer, the “found time” which a driver can now apply to value-added activities is yet another way that the product wins."
"Customers are particularly excited about Janam’s 2D Firmware Upgrade which enables them to upgrade their handheld’s scanning capability to scan more complex 2D barcodes any time the need arises, even long after the device has been purchased and deployed into the field."
"Janam XP20 is the fastest device in our inventory.  Of all the devices we’ve evaluated, it’s probably the most usable device on the market."
"I’ve got to tell you how pleased everyone is with the Janam scanner that you sent. The tech guys love how responsive it is and the long battery life compared to the Windows Mobile devices. We unanimously decided to place the XP30 on our recommended hardware list. 

"The sales people are very excited to have a fast, reliable and inexpensive Palm platform handheld in their line-up. We’ve always liked the stability and the economy of the Palm platform but have been disappointed with the integrated scanner offerings... Congratulations on a wonderful product.
"I have been able to code programs that are way too complex for the old SPT series terminals or any of the Windows based units we have.  It is nice to have a more current processor that can handle the load I am putting on it without taking forever to do any processing. The XP30 has allowed my creative juices to flow. I am sure that I will hit a point where the time to process a request becomes excessive, but I haven't gotten there yet.  Increasing the amount of programming on the units has improved the data that I can provide to users in the field.
"The customer asked what I was using, I showed him and he held my Janam XP30 and took it around to various products and scanned their DataMatrix barcodes.  It scanned every one perfectly.

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