Janam's XP Series Automates Digital Catalog
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Janam's XP Series Automates Digital Catalog

Janam's rugged mobile computers extend Sentient Data Corp's REMOTE Software to the front lines, boosting customers' bottom lines

January 08, 2009

Janam Technologies LLC, a provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, today announced that its XP Series rugged Palm OS mobile computer was selected for Sentient Data Corporation’s REMOTE PDA™ solution.

Sentient Data Corporation, a software firm and service provider based in Canada, delivers a mobile solution for digital catalog automation and order management. Its REMOTE suite of software products allows companies to build digital catalogs with unlimited sections and products. The digital catalogs are used by field sales representatives for presenting relevant information to customers that includes product images, product details and barcodes. To further mobilize the sales force, Janam’s XP20 and XP30 running REMOTE PDA are used to scan barcodes from paper catalogs, laptop screens or on products to signal interest at a showroom or tradeshow.

“We love Janam’s rugged PDAs, as do our customers,” said Michael Murk, President of Sentient Data Corporation. “With the XP Series, our customers enjoy a very fast, dependable PDA that won’t break, lasts all day on a single battery (and can swap batteries without loosing a thing if required) and scans better than any PDA that we’ve ever used. This is the ideal unit for tradeshows where speed, great ergonomics and reliability are paramount.”

“Sentient’s REMOTE 5 Series Solution allows companies to easily integrate data systems,” said Dwight Ogletree, VP of Sales for Janam. “It streamlines business processes and improves the bottom line. We’re pleased that Janam’s fully-featured, rugged Palm devices have proven to be an important component of Sentient’s impressive solution.”

About Janam
Janam Technologies LLC is a provider of rugged, handheld computing devices for mobile workers. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products and accessories that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Specializing in purpose-built mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, Janam offers products that are designed to run mission-critical applications in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics.

About Sentient Data Corporation
Sentient Data Corporation is a leading provider of computerized remote order-entry solutions for mobile sales associates. Their primary product is the REMOTE 5 Series™ Digital Order Entry system which features a Digital Catalog, effectively allowing companies to eliminate paper catalogs and provide the highest quality images via laptop or PC desktop. This is complimented by the REMOTE PDA product (running on Janam XP20 and XP30) which is used at Tradeshows and in showrooms to create orders by scanning product labels, barcoded catalogs and right off of the laptop screen. Sentient’s products are used extensively by sales forces in Giftware and Home Accessories. For more information about Sentient Data Corporation, please visit www.sentientdata.com.


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