CASL Adds Support for Janam XP Series Barcode Scanners
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CASL Adds Support for Janam XP Series Barcode Scanners

Support for the Janam XP Series is provided in the form of libraries that can easily be added to new or existing CASL applications.

January 12, 2007

WAGWARE Systems, Inc. and Brainyware LLC Providers of CASL, a world-class cross platform development tool, announced support for the Janam series of rugged barcode scanners. Support for the Janam XP Series is provided in the form of libraries that can easily be added to new or existing CASL applications. Also available on the CASL Janam page are sample applications that demonstrate the ease with which CASL applications can incorporate advanced bar-coding technologies. The source code for these CASL sample applications is provided to CASL customers and may be used at no additional charge.

"We are pleased to add support for the Janam XP family of devices within the CASL development environment. The ability to quickly and easily integrate Janam devices into CASL applications is a tremendous asset to developers. We are excited by the opportunity that the Janam hardware provides our customers and the value it adds to new or existing applications," said Paul Steinmeyer, co-owner and Technology Director of CASL.

"The CASL development environment is a valuable tool for software developers who want to quickly create barcode scanning applications for our powerful XP Series," said Harry B. Lerner, Co-CEO of Janam. "We are excited by the large number of Janam resellers and ISVs who have already indicated their intention to utilize CASL's robust platform for their application development."

About CASL
CASL (Compact Application Solution Language) is a development environment that allows developers to create applications for PalmOS®, PocketPC / Windows Mobile and Windows platforms. CASL is the ideal Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for mobile application developers that want to create compact applications on multiple platforms quickly, using a singe code base. There are no run-time royalties to distribute CASL applications to end-users of CASL applications. This makes CASL particularly attractive to corporate and commercial developers. CASL strikes an optimum balance of core capabilities, extendibility and features on all three (3) supported platforms. The CASL + Janam Support page and associated information may be found at .

About WAGWARE Systems, Inc & Brainyware, LLC
WAGWARE Systems, Inc. and Brainyware, LLC are providers of world-class cross-platform development tools for creating mobile applications. We provide tools for creating applications for the PalmOS®, PocketPC/Windows Mobile and Windows using a single Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Our products are used by thousands of developers worldwide and in nearly every industry. CASL, our flagship product, was first released in 1996 making CASL one of the earliest supporters of the PalmOS®. For more information please visit

About Janam
Janam Technologies, LLC. is a provider of rugged, handheld computing devices for mobile workers. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products and accessories that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Specializing in purpose-built mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, Janam now offers the industry's first, fully-featured industrial Palm OS based product line, designed to run mission-critical applications in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics.


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