Adaptus Scanning Technology
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Janam's Rugged Mobile Computers with Adaptus® Inside

The philosophy behind Adaptus Imaging Technology is a commitment to delivering superior value through an optimized combination of performance and versatility.


What is Adaptus Imaging Technology?
The high performance of Adaptus Imaging Technology delivers aggressive read rates and depths of field on linear, 2D, PDF417, stacked, linear and matrix bar codes.  This aggressiveness applies even in challenging reading environments where lighting conditions might be difficult and bar codes are of poor quality.

Adaptus Imaging Technology Delivers:

  1. Greater depth of field
  2. Increased motion tolerance
  3. Improved low light reading
  4. Decreased time to read
  5. Increased resolution and image quality

Combined, these attributes make Janam’s mobile computers ideal for real-world data collection applications.  Smart scanning technology for improving performance and productivity.  It's Technology at Work.™

Technology at work

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