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Solution Providers

Wireless Terminal Emulation

Select one of Janam’s wireless terminal emulation providers that help add support for our rugged mobile computers.

Century Software, Inc.
Century Software provides the most innovative, popular and secure terminal emulation solutions for mobile, web and desktop access to IBM & UNIX hosts. TinyTERM Enterprise provides the bridge to mission-critical data and applications from modern multi-function Android devices. It combines high-value comprehensive features and advanced customization capabilities with a quick & easy setup/configuration.
email: roba@censoft.com
phone: +1.801.268.3088, Ext. 130

Naurtech Corporation
Naurtech Corporation develops connectivity solutions for mobile access to enterprise data and applications using Windows CE platform devices.  As an innovative market leader, our customers rely on our Terminal Emulation and Web Browser technology to address unique implementation needs of their auto-ID data collection (AIDC) solutions.
email: sales@naurtech.com
phone: +1.425.837.0800

Pragma Systems
Pragma Systems offers the most popular SSH and TelnetServer for Windows.  The company's end-to-end solutions of servers and clients on the desktop and mobile devices provide highly secure access to corporate supply chain, CRM, distribution and warehouse applications over wireless, Bluetooth, LAN, WAN and mobile networks.
email: andrew.tull@pragmasys.com
phone: +1.512.219.7270

SofToGo specializes in developing  top quality software and tools for handhelds.  WireLess TelNet connects handhelds to the host through a Wi-Fi network without using intermediate software as requisite.  It supports emulation of IBM 5250, 3278, ANSI, VT100, VT200 and SSH terminals and is available Proxy Server for WireLess TelNet to solve persistence connections in problematic wireless environments.
email: sales@softogo.com
phone:  +54 11 5199 7425 26

StayLinked has continued to drive innovation with true software-only emulation session persistence; centralized session configuration, control, and management of wireless emulation sessions (Telnet/SSH); terminal emulation application modernization (SmartTE), and Business Intelligence products designed for terminal emulation environments (StayLinked iQ). StayLinked software is available for all popular mobile devices from those running traditional operating systems such as DOS, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile to the latest versions of iOS and Android. 
email: info@staylinked.com 
phone: +1.714.918.7700


Wavelink TE, the industry's leading emulation client, is in use on more than 3 million mobile devices worldwide. Wavelink TE is the most comprehensive solution for accessing, managing and maintaining connections to applications resident on host systems using popular emulation types that include 5250, 3270, VT and HP emulation.
email: sales@wavelink.com
US: +1.888.697.WAVE
Latin America: +52 55 9149 6395 
EMEA: +44.870 351 8564
APAC: +62 813 8100 8755

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